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How to make a good quality mould?

How to make a good quality mould?

How to make good quality injection mould:must grasp five injection schedules


Taizhou EIFFEL mould & plastic company Under the premise of ensuring product quality, the cycle time is as short as possible. The cycle time includes the following items: injection time, pressure holding time, melting time, cooling time, ejection time, mold clamping low pressure time, and even more The time factor is also related to mold opening and clamping, and the speed of ejection.

1. injection time


Including the holding time. Generally speaking, the longer the injection time, the more saturated the product, but when Taizhou EIFFEL mould & plastic company emphasize quality, Taizhou EIFFEL mould & plastic company must also consider the production capacity. What's more, if the injection time is too long, it may cause the product to be too full. A series of problems such as the large size of the deformation of the sticking mold ejection, so Taizhou EIFFEL mould & plastic company should consider comprehensively when setting the injection time, and try to shorten the injection time when the quality requirements are met.


  1. 2. Melting time


The length depends on the speed of the melt speed setting and the size of the back pressure setting, but there is one point, the length of the melt time control must be shorter than the cooling time.


3. Cooling time


The length of the cooling time directly affects the molding cycle. The longer the cooling time, the longer the molding time and the loTaizhou EIFFEL mould & plastic companyr the production capacity. Therefore, when Taizhou EIFFEL mould & plastic company set the high-pressure cooling time, as long as Taizhou EIFFEL mould & plastic company can ensure that the product is formed smoothly, it will not directly affect it. When it comes to problems such as deformation, the shorter the set time is, the better.


4. Eject time


The ejection time is generally appropriate to cooperate with the manipulator. When the manipulator is used fully automatically, the ejection residence time is generally maintained at 1.5-2 seconds. Semi-automatic production. If the ejector pin returns, the product will fall or jam, and the product cannot be removed. It should be kept for about 5 seconds.


5. Low voltage protection time



It plays a great role in protecting our personal safety and mold safety. With the adjustment of mold low pressure position and low pressure pressure, the low pressure protection time should be 1-3 seconds. The shorter the protection time, the less harm it may cause.


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