The Rapid Development of Plastic Mould

   The rapid development of our country has put forward higher demand to plastic industry. In 2004, the proportion of plastic mould has risen to 30% in mould industries. Recent years, the development speed of plastic mould keeps more than 25%. According to forecast of the secretary general of international mould association-Baihui Luo,he predicts that in the future market of the mould, the proportion of plastic mould will be further improved, and its development speed will be faster than other mould.

    According to introducing by Baihui Luo,In our plastic mould market,injection mould is the most demanded, the focus of development is engineering plastic mould. Currently, only the auto industry need 360000 tons of plastic products; The Annual production of refrigerator, washing machine, and air conditioning the has been more than 10 million Tai; The Annual production of Color TV has more than 30 million Tai; By 2010, in building materials industry, plastic doors and Windows of the penetration is 30%, plastic pipe of penetration will reach 50%. These will lead to the more demand of mould.

  Statistics show that the annual growth rate of household electrical appliances mould is about 10%. A refrigerator needs about 350 Units of mould, worth about 40 million Yuan; A fully automatic washing machine needs about 200 Units of mould, worth about 30 million Yuan; A air-conditioner needs about 20 Units of mould, worth about 1.5 million Yuan; One Color TV set needs about 140 Units of mould, value of about 7 million Yuan, all color TV can make profits about 2.8 billion Yuan of the market every year.

    Along with the competition of home appliance market become intensified, design of shell has benn an important ring, they put forward new requirements about the color, feel, precision, wall thickness, etc. The insiders thinks that injection mould which is large, precision, design reasonable (mainly for thin wall products) will get popular in the market. In recent years auto industry grows quickly, so auto mould has a huge potential market. Each type of car needs thousands of mould, worth hundreds of millions Yuan,but we aren’t able to make Large precision mould. It’s said that our auto parts mould of high-grade car almost all be imported at present. Some experts predict, in the future mould market, the proportion of plastic mould will improve gradually, and will faster than other mould.

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